Home for the Holidays

Wow, this has been a stressful trip home so far. It is the first christmas for Laurel and I as a married couple, and juggling families has been tough, on top of the usual major event each evening. We have done a pretty decent job so far, but the stress is unnecessary, so we (I, at least) are going non-commital for the rest of the week. Things will happen when they happen, not at any other time.

That said, a weird part of me can’t wait to get to Toronto again. It’s not Toronto itself, but the pace of life, and really, I want to get back to work. We have no decent internet connection at either family home, so I have been going out to do work on occasion, but it has been difficult. There will be more time this week, which will be nice.

In a cruel holiday twist, coming home to see family has meant that Laurel and I have had less time to be together. When we return to Toronto, we will have that time back. That is most odd, because her medical school schedule would normally be considered hectic.

Storming in TO

Two snowstorms have rolled into Toronto in the last few hours, we are expecting 15 to 30cms of snow. That would usually be just fine on a Thursday afternoon, but I am scheduled to fly tomorrow and I am hoping that we aren’t delayed too long, because I have the cat with me.

DemoCamp Toronto

Democamp was very worthwhile last night. It took place at the offices of BubbleLabs, makers of Bubbleshare which is a super-easy take on image gallery creation and sharing. I was really glad to see their login-less system, which I think they have executed quite perfectly. Keep it up guys.

Sutha Kamal also demoed Ambiant Vector‘s mobile social networking tool. They have some neat ideas, and it will be interesting to see the execution in a consumer focused product.

I am looking forward to seeing more events like this come together, I suggested to David Crow that we even just have beer every few weeks for anyone who wants to come out. David and the rest of the guys who turned out seem like a great group.

I also got to meet Leila Boujnane of idee, inc., who make some of the coolest software I have seen in years. She was full of energy and truly passionate, she might even make it back to PEI for Zap Your PRAM.

Real Election Blogging

There are a few Canadian politicians blogging this election, most of them aren’t even worth a link, but Monte Solberg has the honesty thing down. His blog isn’t about spin (or not as much about spin) as some of the crap (read: Paul Martin’s old blog) out there, but about things like insomnia, missing his family and dog, things that make him human.

DemoCamp Toronto

I will be heading out in the cold tonight for DemoCamp. I couldn’t make it to TorCamp because I was in Washington DC/The Maritimes working, so I am glad I will have a chance to meet some of the Toronto community.

See you there.

Boom and Bust

I do not claim to be a real estate guru, or have any deep knowledge of the Toronto Real Estate market, but I did make a decision this summer not to buy a condo in the city, rather rent and invest money in more secure real estate (which has yet to happen).

It is pretty obvious that things are changing in the Toronto condo market, condos of similar size and location are now being listed for 219,000$ +/- where the same condo would have been listed at at least 249,000$ +/- between last March and this September. For obvious reasons, you don’t see agents admitting this in any Star or Post articles yet, but the time is coming, you can see the barometer changing. I don’t have hard data to prove this, just a sample of listings in a few neighborhoods.

So, wait until the new year, another hike in interest and prices continuing to fall, we might just get the glut of condos in the market that we had been expecting. Detached houses would be sure to follow 6-8 months later I would think.

Textdrive is falling apart

I bought a Textdrive VCII account earlier this year when my own servers were failing and I knew I needed a backup to fall back on if things went bad. Soon after my account was setup, I put a few new clients on my textdrive account and had them using pretty basic services. This was in early September, and things haven’t gotten any better.

It got to the point that I had to move these very basic level clients to a new hosting setup because Textdrive wasn’t even reliable for their email. We bought a PowerVPS machine in hold us over, but have been so happy with it that we probably won’t be moving for some time.

A simple google search for “textdrive sucks” will give you some background as to what is going on.